Home Equity Line of Credit or Fixed Equity Loan

Our Home Equity options with no annual fees means savings for you.

Put your equity to work by using this great financial tool that can help with renovations, expenses and so much more.




Save up to $500 in closing costs*

Get those last minute home improvement projects done or get help making a big purchase.

Using your home equity is a smart way to borrow money at a low cost. With our Home Equity Line of Credit, you can enjoy no closing costs* and no annual fees. Our Fixed Home Equity Loans can save you money with no annual fees. Now is the time to make the home improvements you’ve been waiting for.
We’re here to help with the lending solutions you need.

Home Equity Line of Credit**

Making home-sweet-home a little sweeter with an approved line of credit for a home repair or special project.

check mark iconFlexibility and quick closings

check mark iconLow adjustable rates

check mark iconFree equity checks

check mark iconNO annual fee

check mark iconNO closing costs*


Home Equity Loan

Make your house into the home of your dreams with a secure loan with regular payments, allowing you to focus on that new wrap-around deck and not when you need to pay your bill.

check mark iconFixed rate

check mark iconFixed payment schedule

check mark iconFlexible terms

check mark iconNO annual fee



For more information on any of our Home Equity options, contact one of our Lenders today.

Alicia Gaudette

Bob Michaud

Senior Vice President & Senior Lender

Email Bob Michaud

(207) 782-6871

Alicia Gaudette

Cara Dyer

Vice President & Loan Officer

Email Cara Dyer

(207) 782-6871


*Loan and lines of credit up to $150,000. Subject to credit approval. Savings based on a 10-year loan or line of credit up to $150,000.
**This is a variable rate loan so the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) may vary. Refer to our Rates page for up-to-date information. The maximum APR that can be imposed is 18%.

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