Teaching kids to be responsible with money now pays off later in life.

Our KidsPlus children’s program aims to help the next generation of savers and responsible spenders. Financial responsibility means good money management. Join our program and earn rewards!

How to Join

Visit one of our branches and sign up for the KidsPlus children’s program for children 12 and under by opening a KidsPlus savings account (with approved co-signer).

KIdsPlus Savings Account

This account is an ideal first bank account for children, with a focus on saving.

check mark icon $25 minimum to open
check mark icon No monthly fee when minimum daily balance remains above $25
check mark icon Tiered interest
check mark icon Passbook provided (required for withdrawals)
check mark icon FDIC Insured

When you open a KidsPlus account, you’ll receive:

check mark icon KidsPlus Passbook to log deposits and withdrawals – At the time of deposit, you’ll receive a sticker and a prize from our small prize box. After 5 deposits of $10 or more, you will receive a sticker and get to choose a bigger prize from the large prize box.
check mark icon KidsPlus official piggy bank to save your money until your next Auburn Savings visit
check mark icon KidsPlus activity book with coloring pages, crosswords and more
check mark icon Stickers

Meet Penny the Pig!

Favorite Color: green
Likes: budgeting, balancing and collecting coins
Secret Identity: Super Saver

Save. Spend. Give.

It’s never too early to learn smart financial habits.

We want to teach children how to use money wisely, which is why we offer a program designed to encourage children to save, spend responsibly and give back to their community—all at the same time.

How it works


  • Put any money you’ve earned into your Auburn Savings KidsPlus piggy bank and save your money safely until your next Auburn Savings visit.
  • When you’re ready to make a deposit, bring your passbook and piggybank to either Auburn Savings locations and visit one of our helpful tellers to make a deposit. (you must have your passbook in order for the deposit to count as one of your 5).


  • Remember your savings goals for the things you want to buy and decide how much you want to keep in your piggybank for spending.


  • At the time of deposit, decide how much you’d like to give to a local charity and let the teller know.
  • The teller will withdraw that amount of money from you and will donate it to the selected charity with all other donations at the end of the year.

Each year, Auburn Savings will match donations to the selected charity up to $1000!

KidsPlus Terms and Conditions

Only children 12 and under are eligible to participate in Auburn Savings’ KidsPlus program. Once a KidsPlus Savings account has been opened with a parent or guardian as co-signer, the child will receive a KidsPlus passbook to record all transactions. The child and KidsPlus Savings passport must be present at time of deposit to have it counted as one of the five deposits of $10 or more towards choosing a larger prize. Prizes and availability are subject to change. The child will also receive a KidsPlus piggybank and activity book as part of signing up.
Lost or stolen passports can be replaced, but passport deposits will start new once the new passport is issued; past entries will not be counted toward the five deposits of $10 or more.