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Want to hit a savings goal or grow your money? A Certificate of Deposit (CD) will get you there.



Pick your term.
Deposit your money.


Sit back and let your money grow untouched for the agreed term.


When your term is up, withdraw your money and celebrate all the way to making your big purchase or pay off.

It’s like a savings account on steroids with confetti canons at term’s end.
What are you saving for? Open a Certificate of Deposit today and save big.

Rates are effective as of

Type of Account*Min DepositMinimum Balance to Earn Annual Percentage YieldInterest RateAPY^Special?Website Order
1 Year CD & IRA Special$500$5000.75%0.75%Yes0
6 Month CD & IRA$500$5000.20%0.20%No40
1 Year CD & IRA$500$5000.25%0.25%No50
1.5 Year CD & IRA$500$5000.30%0.30%No60
2 Year CD & IRA$500$5000.40%0.40%No70
2.5 Year CD & IRA$500$5000.55%0.55%No80
3 Year CD & IRA$500$5000.65%0.65%No90
4 Year CD & IRA$500$5000.75%0.75%No100
5 Year CD & IRA$500$5001.00%1.00%No110
IRA Money Market$500$ 25- $24,999.10%.10%No120
IRA Money Market$500$25,000 - $49,0000.15%0.15%No130
IRA Money Market$500$50,000 - $99,9990.25%0.25%No140
IRA Money Market$500$100,000 - $199,9990.30%0.30%No150
IRA Money Market$500$200,000 & over0.35%0.35%No160

A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal
^Annual Percentage Yield, which assumes the interest will remain on deposit until maturity

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