With digital banking evolving day by day, Auburn Savings is always looking for more ways to help our customers take advantage of new technology. For all our commercial banking customers, we are implementing a new payment solution to your problems called Autobooks. In this blog, we will break down our newest digital banking feature and show you how it can help your business grow. Let’s discover exactly “What is Autobooks?”, as well as “What can Autobooks do for my small business?”

What is Autobooks?

Autobooks, the newest feature implemented into our digital banking system, offers a one-stop shop to streamline your business transactions. Autobooks takes the hassle of sending and receiving money into their expertise. Offering many solutions to invoicing, bookkeeping/accounting, and accepting payments, you almost must wonder what Autobooks can’t do for you.

The Autobooks base plan does not require a subscription or monthly fee which would be great to test it out and see if it is the right fit for your unique situation. Autobooks does not charge for sending or receiving invoices, which is a unique trait that many competing payment solutions do not offer.

What can Autobooks do for me?

For many small businesses, Autobooks is the perfect solution to your payment hassles. Some of the features that make it stand out from the rest include:

  • Sending personalized professional invoices with ease through email.
  • Accept card payments, donations, and more. (in-person or online)
  • Accept Tap to Pay on iPhone for contactless in-person payments.
  • Complete services including accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Getting paid directly to your checking account (which helps to get paid faster than most competing services).
  • No charges for invoicing or use of the base plan. (Competitive low fees on POS (point of sale) transactions)

Being able to access all these features while staying localized to Auburn Savings and your business checking is a game changer for many entrepreneurs, landlords, small business owners, freelance workers, and more. Getting paid directly into your bank account means not only do you cut out the middleman, but you can get paid faster than most competitors!

Some struggles small businesses face when going through invoicing and POS systems are outrageous transactions, invoicing, and processing fees. With Autobooks, sending and receiving invoices are free, and utilizing POS system transactions offers a low competitive fee compared to competitors.

Wrapping Up.

Autobooks is a digital payment solution that connects directly to your checking account to provide extraordinary service and experience. Send out professional invoices, accept payments, and get accounting services on the go, at home, anywhere. To access Autobooks make sure to get a commercial checking account with Auburn Savings and turn your payment problems into a payment solution.

This blog is for educational purposes only and should not be used as financial advice. Feel free to check out any of our resources from Auburn Savings, come inside and visit a branch and one of our Customer Representatives can assist you. At Auburn Savings, we nurture relationships, foster ambition, and are driven by purpose—you come first. Bank On Us™.

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