Sunshine, school vacation, flowers in bloom—it must finally be summer! It’s common to become a little more liberal with spending in the summer months, but we’re here to
tell you that it is possible to enjoy the season while also protecting your financial future.

Here are three ways to spend wisely this summer:

Schedule wisely. Summer can be chock-full of BBQs, graduation parties, weddings, and get-togethers, but just because your calendar is full doesn’t mean you have to attend every event. Expenses add up quickly when you factor in travel, gifts, event tickets, and more. Decide which events are essential for you and your family to attend and politely decline the others.

Take a pause. It’s the perfect time to swap your spot on the couch for an outdoor adventure or new hobby. Taking a temporary break on all those streaming services could save you money. Encourage the children in your life to get outside or even dust off that library card. There are tons of books, magazines, audio books, and movies available to borrow free of charge from both the Lewiston and Auburn town libraries.

Be a tourist in your town. If you’ve planned a trip and it still fits your budget, enjoy! But if travelling feels out of reach, there are plenty of things to do and see right here in the Lewiston-Auburn area. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Check out the weekly Lewiston-Auburn art walk
  • Enjoy outdoor concerts/events at Festival Plaza
  • Mine for minerals and rocks at Mt. Apatite
  • Visit the farms, gardens and hiking and biking trails at Pineland Farms
  • Explore the “weird and wonderful” Desert of Maine

There are hundreds of family- and budget-friendly activities and attractions happening during the summer months all over the state of Maine. It’s possible to have fun and enjoy the summer while also keeping your financial health in mind. Small compromises or creative adjustments will help to keep your budget balanced.

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