Scam Alert: current scam impersonating banks aims to steal your money

Never provide personal or sensitive information over a text, email or phone call.

Scammers are impersonating banks and using fake emails, texts and phone calls in an attempt to steal your money.

A new form of scam has recently included Maine-based banks and is seeking personal information including debit card CVV code, account numbers and Social Security Numbers in an attempt to take over and drain your accounts of money.

These scams include a combination of text messages, emails and/or phone calls. These scams have contacted people pretending to be a bank or a bank’s “fraud department” with messages about suspicious activity on your account, failed purchase activity, or that your account has been locked.

This is a scam. Your bank will never contact you seeking personal or sensitive information.

The Federal Trade Commission advises that if you get a suspicious message from “your bank” that you do not click any links, do not return a call to the phone number provided, and never give your account number. Disconnect from the conversation immediately, call your bank directly, and then report it to the authorities.

Just Say No

Protect your accounts and information. Never give the following information to an unconfirmed source. If you are contacted and asked to provide any of the following information, disconnect and call us immediately at (207) 782-6871 or toll free at (888) 282-7287.

  • Debit card CVV number
  • Debit card PIN
  • Social Security number
  • Log in information including usernames or passwords

Anyone can fall victim to scams, identity theft or fraud but knowing what to look out for and how to protect your personal and private information can reduce your risk. At Auburn Savings, your security is our priority.


For more information on how you can protect yourself from scams, visit our fraud prevention page


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