Manage Your Cards, Protect Your Accounts

Consumers and businesses rely on electronic data storage now more than ever. When personal and financial information is not stored securely online, it can become vulnerable to cybercrime leading to privacy violations and data breaches. So how can you protect your information and accounts? Manage your cards!

What is Cybercrime?

First, let’s talk about cybercrime. Cybercrime is criminal activity that either uses or targets a computer or computer network in order for the criminal to gain access to your money. Cybercrime includes email and internet fraud, identity fraud, and theft of financial or card payment data.

Out of the 4.8 million reports received by the FTC in 2020, the majority were identity theft complaints. The most common types being theft of government benefits, credit card fraud (such as opening new accounts in another person’s name), business and personal loan fraud and tax fraud.

How can I protect myself?

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to protect your information and financial accounts. Here are a few to get you started and more secure:

  • Use strong, random passwords
  • Never use the same password
  • Keep passwords stored safely
  • Do not write passwords down or keep them with you!
  • Change passwords often and always update them in your records
  • Shred old documents and junk mail (such as credit card offers)
  • Freeze your credit when you’re not expecting to apply for a loan or credit card
  • Use the Manage Cards section on AuburnOnline to protect your cards and accounts


What does it mean to manage my cards?

By managing your cards, you have the power to secure and protect your debit card. Auburn Savings customers can elect to utilize these protections and set preferences through Auburn OnLine. You’re able to:

  • Deactivate or activate an Auburn Savings debit card
  • Easily reactivate an Auburn Savings debit card
  • Deactivate/activate your debit card as many times as you want with no penalty
  • Decrease/increase daily debit limits


How do I set it up?

Setting up is easy! Log into Auburn OnLine or Auburn Savings’ mobile app and access Manage Cards through the Service Center. From there, you can access your options and then choose to activate or reactivate any of your Auburn Savings debit cards.

If you’re having difficulty setting up your cards, call or come visit us in our Auburn or Lewiston branch so that we may help you secure your accounts.

What are the benefits of using managing my cards?

When you manage your cards, you’re taking a proactive step in protecting your accounts from potential fraud, scams, and identity theft. This program helps to secure the financial information connected to your debit card and:

  • Gives you control over your finances
  • Works with your changing budget (raise or lower debit limits)
  • Protects your accounts when cards are lost or stolen

Everyone is susceptible to fraud, identity theft and internet scams. Protecting your personal and financial information is the first line of defense in keeping your information secure. For more information visit our Fraud prevention and Manage Card pages on our website.

Your security is our top priority. If you have any questions, give one of our branch locations a call.


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