Guard Your Card

Rest assured. You’re in control.

Whether stolen, lost, or simply misplaced, Guard Your Card gives you the power to quickly deactivate your debit card to stop possible fraudulent transactions or reactivate when you find it between the couch cushions. You can also increase daily debit card limits if, say, you’re finally ready to make that big purchase you’ve been thinking about for months. Guard Your Card makes money management and security as easy as pushing a button.


  • Deactivate or activate an Auburn Savings debit card
  • Easily reactivate an Auburn Savings debit card
  • Deactivate and activate cards as many or few times as you want with no penalty
  • Protect yourself from fraud when you’re not using your card or if it’s missing or stolen

To use this service

Log into Auburn OnLine or Auburn Savings’ Mobile App and access Guard Your Card through the Service Center. Once you select “Guard Your Card” from the options, you can easily activate or deactivate any of your Auburn Savings debit cards.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives or stop into one of our branches.