St. Martin de Porres Residence Receives Collected Nonperishables, $500 Donation

St. Martin de Porres Residence Receives Collected Nonperishables, $500 Donation

Welcome back to Auburn Savings bank! For over 128 years, Auburn Savings has been a reliable fixture of the L/A community; a banking institution customers know they can count on.

Simply put: We’re not a mega bank that makes promises to do it all and then forgets your name the second you call or come through the front door. We are your bank—a community bank—and we see you in the grocery store, on the little league field, and at the balloon festival. Auburn Savings understands well that we are all part of the same community; we are neighbors, and we treat you as such.

Everyone is busy and doesn’t necessarily want to spend a lot of time thinking about banking. When it comes down to it its almost like it’s on auto pilot. That is, until something goes wrong and things fall into the “what happens next” mode.

At Auburn Savings, we don’t accept that our relationship with you continues simply because we “think” things are going well. We appreciate that we need to listen, to inquire when we sense you may need guidance, and to be ready to help at a moment’s notice. We are a team of qualified, caring individuals who realize you are the reason we are here.

From mobile banking to business loans, we provide the products and services that you need in a secure format. This is the bank you come to get your mortgage, open that first deposit account, and work to grow your company. We know that being counted on daily, and at the moments where something is new or a little difficult, are the times when you realize you’re banking at the right place. We are that place; you know where to find us.

Please call us when you need something. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this site, you can reach me or the staff at (207) 782-6871 and inquire. I’m certain we have the products and services that you need and, if necessary, we’ll create a tailored solution for you.

Again, welcome back to Auburn Savings, where you can truly Bank On Us!